USVTC Roadmap for BTA Implementation

Roadmap I

Roadmap I completed in October 2000. It identifies each commitment made by Vietnam according to how soon it will need to be implemented. This chart has helped identify priority areas in each chapter based on entry into force of the agreement. The Forum has focused particularly on the commitments that are to be ready upon entry into force of the agreement, and commitments that have phase-in periods of up to three years to help identify priority issue areas for technical assistance.

Roadmap II

Roadmap II was completed in January 2001 and is continually updated in accordance with changes in Vietnams government administrative structure. The Forum worked with Baker & McKenzies legal team in Vietnam to help compile a document that identifies the likely government organizations responsible for each commitment. The Forum will share Roadmap II with the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Justice and is working with them on keeping the document current.

Roadmap III

Roadmap III was completed in March 2001. This document identifies the laws and/or regulations per commitment that might require modification for compliance with the BTA. The Forum staff continues to work with Baker & McKenzies legal team on this and will again work with the Vietnamese counterparts for accuracy. In addition, the Forum will tap international trade experts to ensure consistency with WTO standards and norms. This document is not an interpretation of the BTA but is intended to offer a useful starting point for identifying areas to examine in assessing required changes and possible areas for further technical assistance.

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