Who gets what?
An Inventory of Benefits from the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Agreement

United States gets:

  • Market access for industrial and agricultural goods
  • Sharply lowered tariffs on a wide range of industrial and agricultural goods (with reductions of 30-50%)
  • Phase-out of all Vietnamese non-tariff measures. Full trading rights for U.S. firms.
  • WTO-level protection for U.S. intellectual property within 18 months.
    • Market access for services
    • U.S. firms may enter Vietnam's market for financial, telecommunications, distribution, audio-visual, legal, accounting, engineering, computer, market research, construction, educational, health and tourism services. Phased in over 3-5 years.
  • Protection for U.S. investments, discriminatory treatment. Local content and export performance requirements eliminated, and much investment licensing phased out.
  • Increased transparency through issuance of draft laws, publication of all laws and regulations.

Vietnam gets

  • The same normal trade treatment already granted by the United States to over 130 countries.

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